Trainer Love 👟😚

It’s quite ironic that I have chosen trainers as the subject for my first fashion post…I am after all the girl who used to quite literally live in high heels…

I’m not just talking about shopping, social and work occasions…I mean to the frankly ridiculous levels where I would think nothing of going for an afternoon 3 mile stroll in a pair of 4 inch heels…

My love for high heels probably began the same as most girls did…raiding my mum’s wardrobe (old habits die hard eh?)

So when was the sudden turning point for me? Well to be honest it was more of a gradual transition… Which probably began about 5 years ago when I bought my first pair of converse…

Within a few days I found myself teaming them up with skinny jeans and a blazer to go shopping and loved the new look. It wasn’t long until another pair of converse made an appearance in my wardrobe; this time a navy pair which are not only easier to keep clean but also super versatile.

The last few years have seen trainers becoming a real ‘fashion statement’ on catwalks around the globe and thanks to a varied selection on the high street they are no longer considered just for pounding the treadmill.

I’ve always loved Primark and New Look, as well as other high street stores for footwear, which is just as well considering I am now on a London shoe string budget…excuse the pun! 😜

The silver trainers below are one of my fave pairs I’ve bought to date, at 5′ the slight platform comes in handy also 😉 I found them on sale in the New Look kids section (there are perks to being a size 2.5) for around £6

Silver, sparkly and on sale…what’s not to love 🙂

Black trainers are a favourite of mine also as they are super versatile and work just as well as with a dress/skirt, opaque tights (perfect for London rush hour) as they do with a pair of black or denim skinnys. 

I love how versatile black trainers are…just like these Zara pair 🙌

I also spotted these River Island beauties when I was window shopping between meetings a couple of days ago…

River Island treating us to these beauties…not a million miles away from Balenciaga’s *swoon* 

Now don’t get me wrong I still love and wear heels…you will normally always find a pair in my bag just in case and I do always like to wear them when I am ‘out out’ but for this post it is all about the #trainerlove 👟😚

Lucy Ellen 🙂 xx

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