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Tony Mills; Powerful, Passionate, Proactive and always Personable.

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Tony’s football loving teenage years were dealt the ultimate crippling blow when a standard leg break manifested into the loss of his leg.

A thought which none of us, unless personally affected, can even begin to contemplate.

Tony was thrown into a living nightmare, experiencing the darkest of days, weeks, months, and more… but he himself managed to turn the nightmare into a reality and start afresh with life.

Para Athletics, Modelling and an appearance on ITV’s ‘Take Me Out’ have all formed part of the journey in Tony’s new life.

I feel more than privileged that Tony chose to share his journey with me in his frank, humble and fun loving way.

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I believe we can all take something from Tony’s journey, whether it is to seek light and guidance through an unexpected diagnosis, disability or dark time. We can all draw inspiration from Tony’s achievements.

One thing is for sure, it puts our every day mundane complaints into perspective.

Below Tony talks training, ‘Take Me Out’ and how to cope with life changing trauma..

Tony your training is currently focused on the 2020 Olympics, what does your average training day consist of? 

After the disappointment of missing out on Rio last summer through injury my full focus is on the Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020.

My usual training week consists of 6 sessions. 3 strength & conditioning, 2 speed/track sessions and 1 technical jump session.

My 3 S&C sessions consist of a lower body workout through Olympic lifts, box jumps, calve raises and squats plus hip, glute and core stability work.

My 2 track sessions consist of speed work between 40-80 metres. As the speed on the runway is a smooth acceleration I work a lot on transitional speed and the ability to increase speed when needed. I brake down my own speed into speed 1,2 and 3(100%, 80% and 60%) and comprise my session of reps and sets covering distances and speeds dependent on the time of year it is; i.e, winter or during the competition season.


80m @ Speed 3 x 10 reps with walk back recovery.

Competition season…

60m in total. 20m @ Speed 2, 40m @ Speed 1 x 3 sets of 3 reps with 2 minutes rest between reps and 5 minutes between sets.

My technical jump session concentrates on approach work to the board, body position, knee drive, flight and leg shoot position and landing.

As a previous contestant yourself, what advice do you have for any males considering an appearance on ITV’s ‘Take Me Out’?

As a previous contestant on ITV’s Take Me Out my advice to any male considering applying would definitely be to take the whole process with a pinch of salt. The fact you can count the actual true love matches on the hand of Terry Nutkins just shows that 99% of the contestants both male or female just use the process as a jolly or a way to get their 5 minutes. I personally agreed to go on to promote disability and para sport but the majority are just there to promote themselves. So anyone applying to hopefully find love please think again.

Tony I thank you for sharing your journey so openly with me. What advice do you have for anyone who has been affected by disability or who are going through a traumatic time in their lives? 

I suppose the hardest thing I had to do was accept the loss of my leg and the body I no longer recognised. In the early days every morning I woke up and for a split second forgot what had happened before the realisation devastated me. It took time but I finally realised that there was nothing I could do to change what had happened but I could change how it impacted my life. I did all I could to make my state of mind and attitude better day by day and finally I accepted everything as well as myself and vowed to do all I could to live my life. Of course I still have bad days and low points in my life like any other but life doesn’t stop and it’s up to you how you let it affect the time you have.

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