The Adelaides

It’s a Winter’s Wednesday night, walking up the back steps of Kings Cross Scala Music Venue, guitar bag in hand and not feeling like the first time in the company of Paris, Abi and Alicia; UK Country Pop Trio ‘The Adelaides’.

The Adelaides (l-r) Paris, Alicia & Abi 🎸🎶

I haven’t joined as a fourth member, as fun as that would be (if only I could sing/play an instrument lol!) The night marks the finale of their mini tour, supporting Megan McKenna and I’m here to interview the girls ahead of their performance.

As we make our way to their dressing area and share a chat with Megan, Tour Manager Gary and the other crew it’s clear to see the girls share a genuine rapport with everyone.

Post pre-show wander, and several instagram boomerangs later the girls are still in top form and ready to rock!

Joining in with tour life with the girls for a night 🎤

The Adelaides’s formed this Summer, of 2017, and have already performed at London’s prestigious Country Music Week followed by touring with Megan. Material releases beckon next year and it’s a sure thing that the only direction for these girls is up!

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Here are some quick fire questions to get you in the mood first!

Girls how did you come together?

Paris: Myself & Abi knew each other before and after seeing Alicia’s videos on YouTube we decided to get in touch to form a trio!

Did you have a favourite girl band growing up?

Paris: I was always a massive fan of The Corrs and Atomic Kitten!
Alicia: I absolutely loved Destiny’s Child and the Spice Girls!
Abi: I was also a fan of the Spice Girls and loved the Dixie Chicks!

What do the next few months hold in store for you as a band?

Alicia: The next few months for us will be spent writing a lot of material! We’re keen to continue recording and finding our sound within the Country Music Scene within the UK.

Abi: We will also be getting ourselves ready for the festival season of 2018.

Don’t forget to follow the girls on @theadelaidesuk

Lucy Ellen xx