Say it with a Tee 💌

I hope everyone had an Eggcellent Easter (sorry I couldn’t resist) and happily got waist deep in kinder, malteasers or whatever may be your favourite chocolate 🍫🐰

Easter has always been one of my favourite times of year…asides from the fact it’s chocolate central it also means Summer is closer…

This year however was different as my family had to say goodbye to my Grandad Robert. My Grandad was such a kind, caring, considerate man; a gentleman ❤️

He was fondly known by everyone in his local village/town, he had such a lovely personable manner and was never without a smile. Whether it was chats over a cup of coffee and a bun, giving people a lift to somewhere they had to be or playing in his much loved band he was always making people feel special. 

In his later years my Grandad took on a job as a School Lollipop man and this was a job which was truly made for him.  He was everything a Lollipop Man should be and more, since his passing he has received many touching tributes including those from pupils past and present whom he built such a lovely relationship with. 

Grandad, a loving, caring gentleman who made the perfect Lollipop Man ❤️

Grandad has certainly left his mark and will never be forgotten❤️

Someone else who has made quite the impact is Para Athlete Tony Mills who appeared on Episode Two of my YouTube Channel.  Tony’s life as a healthy, fit footballer was turned into a living nightmare after a standard leg break turned wrong and resulted in him having to face the reality of losing his leg.  I feel very privileged that Tony chose to share his journey with me as he discussed his lowest, darkest times to how he came out the other side.

Tony’s interview is truly inspirational and most definitely puts things into perspective. For those reasons I would highly recommend anyone to give it a watch and in particular to anyone who has been affected by disability or who is going through a challenging period in their life.

You can view Tony’s interview via my YouTube Channel ‘Lucy Ellen’, the link to which can be found on the Videos Tab of this website.

I recently sat in on one of the recordings of the newly rebooted classic ‘Blind Date’.  If you are from the same era as myself you don’t need to be reminded that Blind Date was the epitome of Saturday Night Television.  Once news of the relaunch filtered into the media it was only naturally met with wild speculation of who would step into TV Queen Cilla Black’s shoes to host the show. Comic legend and Cilla’s best friend Paul O’Grady has been the perfect choice.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Paul’s jokes were on tap and there were a few particularly funny statements made between takes…I will let you use your own imagination lol! ‘Blind Date’ will be back on our television screens later this year on Channel 5.

Whilst on the subject of statements, I am loving the selection of statement tops in stores right now! I have always been a fan and love how they work just as well from day to night, with jeans and trainers to a skirt and heels.

I always think there is something rather French Chic about them and in reflection of this quite a few don French Slogans.

‘Bonjour Baby’- Zara, ‘Bonjour Boys!’-Topshop, ‘C’est Bon’- Miss Selfridge 💓

I’m not sure any of us can forget the Team Jolie / Team Pitt tops which did the rounds after the infamous break up and it is arguable that they were the driving force behind the increase of statement tops. I have spotted a couple on the high street that have a similar tongue in cheek, light hearted vibe to them

Zara keeping a look out 😆
Miss Selfridge making a statement 

There are also a number which subtly salute ‘girl power’

Topshop shouting out to all us females with  their ‘Females of the Future’ & ‘Femme Forever’ t-shirts 👭😊
Miss Selfridge allows you to add a little extra Sass to any outfit with this tee 💥
Lover not a hater… 💗Another fab slogan tee from Topshop

I am now into my last few days of my twenties, I always use the phrase ‘time flies’ and it really does! I haven’t been filled with any absolute dread…just yet haha… I will let you know how I am feeling once I hit the 3-0 though lol. 

I have always had the thinking that Age is Just a Number and my thoughts on this are reflected in my lifestyle blog ‘Age is Just a Number…isn’t it?’ which you can read on both this site and my new Huffington Post Blogger profile.

I am eagerly counting down the days to my birthday as my best friend, from the age of 11, Pamz is making her way over for all of next weekend (a birthday annddd a bank holiday weekend) rolled into one woohoo! 💃🍸🎊

My Best Friend of almost 19 years- Pamz! I have so much love for this girl 💞

Until then in the words of Rhianna it is ‘work, work, work…’ 

I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead.

Lots of Love,

Lucy Ellen xx