Miss Defiant 🎤💥

Futuristic, On Point, Addictive are all words which come to mind when describing UK’s Pop Electro Duo Miss Defiant 💥

Since launching in April 2015 the girls have created an online storm around their contagious sound and fun, fearless attitude. 

I met Jordan at an event towards the end of 2016 and was delighted to welcome both her and Emily as my debut guests on Episode One of my Lucy Ellen YouTube Channel. 

You can catch my interview with the girls and subscribe to my channel directly via the ‘Videos’ tab on this site.

Shortly after our studio interview I asked the girls an extra few questions so we could all get to know that little bit more 🎤😘

(L-R) Emily, Jordan

Hi girls, you have been busy creating your debut album in the studio this year! What is your favourite song from the record? 

Jordan: My favourite song on the album is Social Media! It was so much fun writing this song. It’s high energy which is very much a part of our live act. It’s a funny and quirky message to perform on stage through a song, but also a serious message about how much importance is put on social media and wanting likes and attention. It’s a tongue in cheek nod to social media.

Emily: Ooh hard choice! ICYMI the track we just released is my fave along with a new one “You can’t sit with us”. If you like the film “Mean Girls” you’ll love this one!!

Your style is seriously ‘on point’ 👌 What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

J: My favourite wardrobe item right now is my leather jacket designed by Charlotte Posner. It was designed for the release of our single ICYMI. Check it out on our Instagram. I think we have a thing for paint, as we also threw paint all over ourselves on our first photo shoot we did too! Check out Charlotte Posner, she’s such a babe and an incredible talent!

Miss Defiant donning their super hot Charlotte Posner leather jackets at LFW 😎👏

E: For one of our gigs recently we wore these insanely cool tops by Claudia Pink, they’re silver in a holographic style and looked amazing under the lights. We love wearing metallic colours and the look on the audience’s faces when they saw us walk onto stage wearing them was priceless! 

I love how you both rock Glitter so effortlessly, what is your favourite make up item of the moment? 

J: Glitter Lips are awesome! I just love this make up brand so much. My favourite Glitter Lips colour is Ultra Glam. It’s the perfect make up item and every time we wear it, we always get asked where to get some! I’m also obsessed with their Stardust festival body Glitter, it’s incredible too! I also love Mac Cosmetics, they have such amazing products and colours!

E: Yes I agree, we’re glitter mad so glitter lips is an obvious fave. We’ve also collaborated with MAC lots. Their eye and lip colours look amazing in photos, so we always use them for our shoots.

If you ever questioned how to wear Glitter… Look no further 🔥💫

Miss Defiant are set to take on Camden Assembly on 6th May 2017, for ticket information and all other news please find info on the links below: 


Lucy Ellen 💋 xx