Life Paths 👣❤️

It’s been said on average that we meet 80,000 people in a lifetime, not an oh so little number…when you think of it in numerical terms it is fascinating how we are drawn and connect to a select number.

Certain relationships and experiences bring a whole new meaning to life, fate can have a funny way of creating crossing paths with certain people.

The paths may join and split, join and stay or simply cross and go.

The amount of time spent with someone doesn’t always necessarily dictate the impact they have. Just a few days in someone’s company can bring brand new feelings to the table and as quick as the crossing goes, the realisation hits to never underestimate the force of true, raw chemistry.

Family is family and the majority of us are lucky enough to have that instant bond which stays forever, unconditional love, they are the ones who know us best.

Friendships are wonderful, there is always that initial connection when you meet that stays and grows. You may not see each other or speak for years at a time but are always somehow rooted in each other’s life.

Love is complex and it is impossible to detail the meaning of a soul mate or the emotion of being in love if you are yet to experience it…

The idea that one day you might just experience them and collide with your other half is a special thought…

When the paths unite, remain and lead onto a wonderful new journey…

My Granny and Grandad were married 56 years, which really is just short of a lifetime. They had 5 children, 15 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchilden, who they all loved dearly. Sadly my Granny passed away recently, just a few months after my Grandad. They are sadly missed by us all.

4th July 1960, my Granny & Grandad’s wedding ❤️

On a happier note, a couple just beginning their new life together are my close friends from home, Sarah and David who celebrated their wedding a few weeks ago. I was delighted to be able to join the celebrations; unfortunately I missed out on my friend Laura’s wedding last year.

Sarah and David’s celebrations took place at The Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa in Co.Donegal, a beautiful family run hotel with full views of countryside and rolling hills making it the ideal wedding setting.

📷 @mclarenphotography54

The journey from Belfast to Donegal is a relatively short one, at just under two and a half hours. However, our journey there was made even faster as the sat nav took us via the ferry route and even faster again when we mistakingly bypassed a whole queue of cars waiting patiently, when we flew straight on… intitally making the ferry staff wonder what was going on- oops! 🙈 Sending myself and friend Victoria into a fit of hysterics (like we needed any excuse!)

I stayed in the Ballyliffin Bed & Breakfast, which is directly opposite Ballyliffin Golf Course (host of the Irish Open next summer) and just a few minutes drive from The Lodge & Spa. It naturally shares the picturesque setting and is ran by the lovely Bernie, who really couldn’t be anymore welcoming! She also cooks up an amazing Irish Breakfast 😍

Worlds apart from my breakfast views on any given London morning 😂

If you fancy a little peek or want to book a stay, you can on the link below


Thank you to Sarah & David for such a fun couple of days!🎊💃

I don’t know about you but I always find wedding outfit hunting that extra bit tough, I always have an idea in my mind but finding it is the tough part! However, this time I’m pleased to say it was a smooth operation! 😊

A full length, Bardot style dress was what I had in mind and when I popped onto online retailer Pretty Little Thing, I was instantly linked to just that, yay! To make matters even better they were delivered next day and suited! I say ‘they’ because the dress I purchased came in both red and grey and at £25 each I didn’t feel any guilt!

Yes I did say £25 and they are still available, I’ve included the link below incase any of you fancy one with so many festive events coming up 🎉

If any of you do get one, please let me know and I’d love to see! 💃

Pretty Little Thing was co-founded by brothers Umar & Adam Kamani, inspired by the huge success of their father Mahmud Kamani’s fashion firm

I was delighted to go to their Halloween event last Tuesday, held in the PLT showroom in Carnaby Street. Greeting us on arrival were several rails of Halloween costumes, all PLT style of course!

As you can imagine there were a lot of pretty pink decorations and delights, all of which I would love to show you but due to me not hitting save on my instastory uploads I don’t have many 😫 *will not repeat at future events* ❗️

One of the few pictures I did take, just about manages to capture the beautiful rose petal wall in the showroom-! As you can see I’ve merged my Summer whites into Autumn wear with my Burgundy over the knee boots from Public Desire (I will get a clear shot of them in the next few weeks). It was the first outing for my Miss Selfridge long waist coat, grey is so versatile so it’s a handy piece to have.


I love, love, love over the knee boots and am absolutely crushing on these River Island babies!

Red hot 💋❗️#thatisall

In fact, River Island are winning with their shoe line at the moment…in my previous ‘trainer love’ blog I referenced Balenciaga style trainers which had caught my eye. At that time I missed out in my size so I was delighted when they brought in more styles yay…

Keep them coming River Island! 👟👠👢

On the note of footwear, it’s time I got mine on and out…

Have a fantastic Halloween, treat up and enjoy any unexpected collisions which may come your way 🍰💋💥

Lots of Love,

Lucy Ellen xx