L.A.W 🎤🎸🎶

L.A.W’s ‘Grow Old’ is atmospheric and captivating from the initial guitar strings and drum beat taking us into the song with ease…

The vocal melody is one of interest with the combination of male and female both complimenting the other. The vocals are not only beautifully consistently in tune but also expressive in lyrics.

“You said we’d never grow old…”

‘Grow Old’ is unique in the sense it portrays a conversation between the singers

“You were always joking”

“You said we would never grow old”

“We were just little kids”

The conversational tone, alongside the beat draws you in and brings personal reflection…expect to want to listen to it much more than once!

Written by Sam Cook, Joe Gardner, Jordan Cather and produced by T.O.L.D.

‘Grow Old’ is available on Soundcloud now!

Lucy Ellen