Say it with a Tee 💌

I hope everyone had an Eggcellent Easter (sorry I couldn’t resist) and happily got waist deep in kinder, malteasers or whatever may be your favourite chocolate 🍫🐰

Easter has always been one of my favourite times of year…asides from the fact it’s chocolate central it also means Summer is closer…

This year however was different as my family had to say goodbye to my Grandad Robert. My Grandad was such a kind, caring, considerate man; a gentleman ❤️

He was fondly known by everyone in his local village/town, he had such a lovely personable manner and was never without a smile. Whether it was chats over a cup of coffee and a bun, giving people a lift to somewhere they had to be or playing in his much loved band he was always making people feel special. 

In his later years my Grandad took on a job as a School Lollipop man and this was a job which was truly made for him.  He was everything a Lollipop Man should be and more, since his passing he has received many touching tributes including those from pupils past and present whom he built such a lovely relationship with. 

Grandad, a loving, caring gentleman who made the perfect Lollipop Man ❤️

Grandad has certainly left his mark and will never be forgotten❤️

Someone else who has made quite the impact is Para Athlete Tony Mills who appeared on Episode Two of my YouTube Channel.  Tony’s life as a healthy, fit footballer was turned into a living nightmare after a standard leg break turned wrong and resulted in him having to face the reality of losing his leg.  I feel very privileged that Tony chose to share his journey with me as he discussed his lowest, darkest times to how he came out the other side.

Tony’s interview is truly inspirational and most definitely puts things into perspective. For those reasons I would highly recommend anyone to give it a watch and in particular to anyone who has been affected by disability or who is going through a challenging period in their life.

You can view Tony’s interview via my YouTube Channel ‘Lucy Ellen’, the link to which can be found on the Videos Tab of this website.

I recently sat in on one of the recordings of the newly rebooted classic ‘Blind Date’.  If you are from the same era as myself you don’t need to be reminded that Blind Date was the epitome of Saturday Night Television.  Once news of the relaunch filtered into the media it was only naturally met with wild speculation of who would step into TV Queen Cilla Black’s shoes to host the show. Comic legend and Cilla’s best friend Paul O’Grady has been the perfect choice.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Paul’s jokes were on tap and there were a few particularly funny statements made between takes…I will let you use your own imagination lol! ‘Blind Date’ will be back on our television screens later this year on Channel 5.

Whilst on the subject of statements, I am loving the selection of statement tops in stores right now! I have always been a fan and love how they work just as well from day to night, with jeans and trainers to a skirt and heels.

I always think there is something rather French Chic about them and in reflection of this quite a few don French Slogans.

‘Bonjour Baby’- Zara, ‘Bonjour Boys!’-Topshop, ‘C’est Bon’- Miss Selfridge 💓

I’m not sure any of us can forget the Team Jolie / Team Pitt tops which did the rounds after the infamous break up and it is arguable that they were the driving force behind the increase of statement tops. I have spotted a couple on the high street that have a similar tongue in cheek, light hearted vibe to them

Zara keeping a look out 😆
Miss Selfridge making a statement 

There are also a number which subtly salute ‘girl power’

Topshop shouting out to all us females with  their ‘Females of the Future’ & ‘Femme Forever’ t-shirts 👭😊
Miss Selfridge allows you to add a little extra Sass to any outfit with this tee 💥
Lover not a hater… 💗Another fab slogan tee from Topshop

I am now into my last few days of my twenties, I always use the phrase ‘time flies’ and it really does! I haven’t been filled with any absolute dread…just yet haha… I will let you know how I am feeling once I hit the 3-0 though lol. 

I have always had the thinking that Age is Just a Number and my thoughts on this are reflected in my lifestyle blog ‘Age is Just a Number…isn’t it?’ which you can read on both this site and my new Huffington Post Blogger profile.

I am eagerly counting down the days to my birthday as my best friend, from the age of 11, Pamz is making her way over for all of next weekend (a birthday annddd a bank holiday weekend) rolled into one woohoo! 💃🍸🎊

My Best Friend of almost 19 years- Pamz! I have so much love for this girl 💞

Until then in the words of Rhianna it is ‘work, work, work…’ 

I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead.

Lots of Love,

Lucy Ellen xx  

Age Is Just A Number…Isn’t It? 🎂🎈

‘Age is just a number’ a phrase which stands strong in saying that anything can be achieved at any point of your life. It is also used to console the ‘fear’ of another year passing or reaching a particular milestone, it could be that of 21, 60, 18 or 40.

Just as the ages above vary, so do the reactions of individuals in how they deal with the inevitable. Almost unbelievably as I prepared this blog throughout the day between work and meetings I overheard and saw true, raw insights into how people were dealing and viewing their age; I will share with you throughout the body of this blog.

I’m sure we all have that one friend or relative who put a ban on any mention of said age or celebrations. Society can be all too quick to deem this as denial, even vanity but how do we know this doesn’t stem deeper to perhaps an embarrassing or previously bad experience?

There are those who feel liberated by the turning of age- an approach which I feel I fall into as I wait to turn 30. Phrases such as ’30’s are the new 20’s’ have become as well known as ‘blondes have more fun’.

There are those who face another turning of year indifferently. A guy beside me in a meeting room casually said to his friend “That’s me 31 now… It really was just like any other day” Part of me feels sad that people don’t want to celebrate but what says they should?

I’m curious as to how much influence society, lifestyle and media have on people’s floundering opinions. Is it something they have control over or are controlled by?

I think it’s fair to say that birthdays create a surge of expectation from the get go- as a child hoping your birthday party will reach the approval of other children and will be deemed fun. As I mentioned above a traumatising experience could put anyone off the notion of birthday celebrations for a lifetime.

So who or what is setting the bar for the above noted expectations? Is the media to blame for marketing birthdays like its Christmas.

Or does society have a leading role in dictating what the ‘idealistic’ celebrations are. Social media is at the forefront of this suggestion, be honest with yourself have you ever drawn comparisons to yourself & your life achievements to an online profile?

The chances are yes you have but remember social media rarely perceives true authentic reality.

I couldn’t help but overhear a girl opposite me on the tube tell her friend “For someone who is so organised I really do feel like I am just drifting in life, I always imagined at 31 I would be settled and living in Australia.” I could see sincere worry and feelings of failure in her eyes.

This lady’s thoughts echo how from our first steps and first words there is an unsaid expectation to what should follow next in life.

As children we grow up watching Disney and reading fairytales- the happy ever afters we become so accustomed to are those of falling in love, marriage and children all whilst being beautiful and youthful.

Rarely do they conclude of someone stepping outside this strategic way and embracing a new sense of life at an older age.

Therefore, we are almost guided into believing that essentially a 2.4 set up is the route to having succeeded in life.

I hear it all too often from friends who are in relationships, married or/and have kids that they are continually asked when they are getting engaged, moving in, having next baby. Why can society just not allow things to progress naturally?

Another girl, who was in a shop queue behind me was having a telephone conversation and said
“I’m not ready to be grown up, in my head I am no older than 21”

Of course only naturally responsibility comes with age, however it seems to me rather than focusing on the areas which she will love she instead feels overwhelmed by those she doesn’t.

I do appreciate this is when lifestyle becomes a massive factor and not everyone is able to reject what they may wish to and still find themselves having full support.

Age IS just a number, society and the media do try to dictate but I believe lifestyle is what has the biggest impact on creating not just our limitations but also fuelling our success and happiness.

Lucy Ellen xx 

Miss Defiant 🎤💥

Futuristic, On Point, Addictive are all words which come to mind when describing UK’s Pop Electro Duo Miss Defiant 💥

Since launching in April 2015 the girls have created an online storm around their contagious sound and fun, fearless attitude. 

I met Jordan at an event towards the end of 2016 and was delighted to welcome both her and Emily as my debut guests on Episode One of my Lucy Ellen YouTube Channel. 

You can catch my interview with the girls and subscribe to my channel directly via the ‘Videos’ tab on this site.

Shortly after our studio interview I asked the girls an extra few questions so we could all get to know that little bit more 🎤😘

(L-R) Emily, Jordan

Hi girls, you have been busy creating your debut album in the studio this year! What is your favourite song from the record? 

Jordan: My favourite song on the album is Social Media! It was so much fun writing this song. It’s high energy which is very much a part of our live act. It’s a funny and quirky message to perform on stage through a song, but also a serious message about how much importance is put on social media and wanting likes and attention. It’s a tongue in cheek nod to social media.

Emily: Ooh hard choice! ICYMI the track we just released is my fave along with a new one “You can’t sit with us”. If you like the film “Mean Girls” you’ll love this one!!

Your style is seriously ‘on point’ 👌 What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

J: My favourite wardrobe item right now is my leather jacket designed by Charlotte Posner. It was designed for the release of our single ICYMI. Check it out on our Instagram. I think we have a thing for paint, as we also threw paint all over ourselves on our first photo shoot we did too! Check out Charlotte Posner, she’s such a babe and an incredible talent!

Miss Defiant donning their super hot Charlotte Posner leather jackets at LFW 😎👏

E: For one of our gigs recently we wore these insanely cool tops by Claudia Pink, they’re silver in a holographic style and looked amazing under the lights. We love wearing metallic colours and the look on the audience’s faces when they saw us walk onto stage wearing them was priceless! 

I love how you both rock Glitter so effortlessly, what is your favourite make up item of the moment? 

J: Glitter Lips are awesome! I just love this make up brand so much. My favourite Glitter Lips colour is Ultra Glam. It’s the perfect make up item and every time we wear it, we always get asked where to get some! I’m also obsessed with their Stardust festival body Glitter, it’s incredible too! I also love Mac Cosmetics, they have such amazing products and colours!

E: Yes I agree, we’re glitter mad so glitter lips is an obvious fave. We’ve also collaborated with MAC lots. Their eye and lip colours look amazing in photos, so we always use them for our shoots.

If you ever questioned how to wear Glitter… Look no further 🔥💫

Miss Defiant are set to take on Camden Assembly on 6th May 2017, for ticket information and all other news please find info on the links below:

Lucy Ellen 💋 xx 

Weather for Leather 😎💛

I’m writing this blog on the plane back to London…those who know me will probably find that amusing as I have been known to fall asleep before take off on more than one occasion ✈️😴

I’ve spent a few days in Spain which has been lovely. My family and I have been holidaying in Spain for around 15 years. Our family friends have a beautiful holiday home close to Marbella and very kindly let us stay on holiday. 

My ‘Good Morning’ View in Spain 😍👌

It’s a beautiful part of Spain and I have to admit that I appreciated the views more than ever on this trip. It was the first time I ‘saw the sea and the sea saw me’ (anyone else play that game when they were younger?) in quite some time. As much as I love London’s skyline views it was nice to swap it for sea, sun and sand for a few days! 

Just bliss… ☀️⛵️

Family friend Ian very kindly treated us to a very special tapas at ‘The Little Geranium’, in La Cala de Mijas, which is owned and ran by Michelin acclaimed Chef and TV Personality Steven Saunders and his beautiful wife Michele. We decided on the Taster Menu and my goodness it was sensational! 👌

‘The Little Geranium’ Tasting Menu 🍴🍸

I always think a variety of small portions can be more fun than one main dish and if you fancy this option ‘The Little Geranium’ will not dissapoint! 

‘The Little Geranium’ setting… This is so very ‘me’ 🌺🎀

Steven has certainly lived a fascinating life, his raw talent and creativity in the kitchen has drawn in scores of loyal fans around the globe including our very own Royal Family! 

‘Crispy Duck Slider’… Princess Diana’s renowned favourite dish 👌
My main course of choice…just delightful 💋

You can watch my interview with Steven on my social media accounts as he talks all things food, dining with the Queen, cooking at the blessing of Prince Charles & Duchess of Cornwall and his renowned ‘crispy duck’ dish loved by Princess Diana. 

A much enjoyable interview with Steven 🎬

I couldn’t recommend ‘The Little Geranium’ enough and the boardwalk between Marbella & La Cala de Mijas’ just completes the entire setting as you can have a stroll in the sun before and/or after your meal.

Marbella to La Cala de Mijas Boardwalk…🌄 *no filter required*
For more information on ‘The Little Geranium’ including bookings and menus please visit 💋

Asides from good food, time in the sun and the odd glass of prosecco here and there, a little window shopping was done (well it would have been rude not to 😛) 

First stop was Zara in La Canada shopping centre, I’ve been practically drooling over their new season leather jackets for the last few weeks…

Just one of the many beaut leather jackets in Zara at the moment 😏

A leather jacket is without question a staple of any girl (or guy’s) wardrobe… 

I would be lost without my trusted aviator jacket 😌

All Saints always have a fantastic selection of leather jackets, although they are outside of my current budget that doesn’t stop them providing some serious eye candy 😍

Leather biker from All Saints 😘
All Saints never disappoint in their leather collection 👏

I snapped up the below leather jacket in New Look’s Petite sale for £12… I’m delighted with it as its a great fit and nice & light so perfect for those Summer day/nights which are almost here ☀️

My New Look bargain buy 👍😃

Sometimes in life we are fortunate enough to cross paths and have the blessing of extra special people in our lives. My Uncle George was just that and he really was one in a million. 

He left a lasting and very happy impression wherever he went, and he still does now even though he is no longer with us in person, 2nd April marked the one year anniversary of his passing. 

It was the grin, the laugh, the kindness, the odd gin n tonic, the endless array of vintage cars and motorbikes which he himself admitted to losing count of, the way any child & animal would instantly warm to him, his love for life, his infamous “I’m here for a good time, not a long time”, his kindness and love for his family…❤️

Just him being him… 

I wish everyone reading this could have a bit of Uncle George in the life…

Let’s remember it is true we might not be here for a long time so let’s make it a good time, having fun while never forgetting to love and be kind…

Uncle George…One in a Million ❤️💫

Lots of Love, 

Lucy Ellen xx 

Love London 🌆❤️

It is only right I start this week’s blog by paying tribute to the victims of Wednesday’s attack ❤️

Westminster Bridge, one of the city’s most beautiful, iconic landmarks, which I frequently pass over myself was hit by a barrage of terror which so sadly claimed the lives of innocent, loving people…and for what? 

London as we love it ❤️

We will never forget them and they will always remain close in our hearts 💗

I absolutely love this hand written London Underground sign which has since gone viral

This speaks for London as a whole ❤️

Although it isn’t entirely authentic as it wasn’t of course written at that exact time it reflects and voices London’s continued solidarity.  London is a city which embraces all walks of life and cultures and is one of the reasons why I fell in love with it. 

I have so much admiration for our Country’s medical services who never fail to stand up to the mark and put their own lives on the line also. 

Following on with anything else feels rather insignificant but like I say we continue to march on. 

I actually experienced the amazing service of our health service first hand on Thursday evening after my contact lense got stuck in my left eye. I hotfooted it to the Western Eye Hospital in Marlyebone after my work had wrapped up for the day. The doctor who saw me removed it super quickly and only naturally we had a giggle during the process! I would like to say a big thank you to him! 🙌

Monday saw the first episode of my new YouTube Channel #lucyellen go live and I was delighted to have the fabulous Miss Defiant as my first guests! 

If you haven’t had the chance to watch just yet you can view the interview on my channel, you can find the direct link on the Video’s tab on this website as well as on all of my social media 👍

Having a fun chat with Miss Defiant 🌟💋

Look out for my blog on the girls in the coming days which includes some additional questions which I didn’t ask on the sofa… 

If you are anything like me the last year will have seen you going weak for fashion chokers. Rarely a day goes by where I don’t wear one! They just add the perfect little completion to an outfit and I find myself feeling rather bare without one 😆

A classic black one is hard to beat as they are super versatile and because of this I have several- all of which are from New Look and Primark and have been incredibly long lasting 

Donning one of my favourite black chokers ✔️☺️

Silver is just as versatile as black and the New Look find below has certainly caught my attention online 

Loving this New Look Silver Diamanté and Pearl Choker 🔥

I also am a fan of bowed chokers, particularly for evening attire just like this Miss Selfridge one below 👌

Style spot alert- Bowed, black choker from Miss Selfridge 

Most stores are selling chokers in packs of two and three, which is always handy, just like the below trio from Zara

Zara providing a pack of 3 delights, ideal for Spring/Summer 😘

There really is such a vast variety in stores and online, the below River Island wall display being an example of just that…

River Island supplying a wall of treats 😍

Lastly but by no means least I would like to wish all Mums especially my amazing Mum a very Happy Mother’s Day 💋💗 

I have so much admiration for Mums in particular my own. I genuinely think you must have super powers to achieve everything you do on a daily basis.

My Mum is the most selfless, caring, supportive Mum I could ever wish for and I am so very lucky to have her. She also happens to have the most amazing eye for style and I am forever asking her opinion on outfits and ‘borrowing’ some of her wardrobe pieces when we are together 😜

Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend today with my Mum, however I am joining both my Mum and Dad on holiday during the week for a few days and I literally cannot wait to spend some quality time with them both ❤️

My Mum, my best friend 💓💋

I hope everyone has a great week whatever your plans are 💗

Lots of love, 

Lucy Ellen 😊 xx

Denim Delight 🔵🙌

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday…again 😳

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and enjoyed a Guiness or two to celebrate St Patrick’s day 🎉

This was my first year in London over the festivities as I spent it in Essex last year.  Although there were lots of celebrations happening throughout the city I didn’t get the chance to partake in any due to work…there is always next year though 😛

Now onto one of my favourite fashion items…Denim! 😍👖👌 It is definitely a delight in my eyes, I love, love, love it and could write a book on it; for now I will focus on 

Denim Jackets 🔷🙌

Spring has definitely sprung a little early in London this week- yayy! 👏 I hope it’s the same wherever you are too! 

I find denim jackets are perfect for the change in temperature as they aren’t too heavy but still provide cover…

Although this season has a love for oversized as well as regular, I do still like this cropped jacket I purchased from Primark a few years ago…

I always look forward to getting this one out of the wardrobe ☀️

I wasn’t sure what to think of oversized on me initially as I’m so short however after trying a few on I have grown to like them.  I am still hunting for the ‘perfect one’ but have spied a couple of stand out ones in New Look and Zara. I’m just waiting for my size to come back in store and will be sure to post when they do.

Back prints and slogans are also featured on the above said jackets and are something which I am fully embracing now too. 

Last week I included this beautiful handful of pink in my #minibag blog 

I have to say this is very me and already planning around Spring outfits… White skinny jeans & light denim jacket come to mind 💓

Since then I think I have found the perfect denim jacket from Zara to team it with for an ‘out out’ night 🎊

Loving how the shoulder structure & ripped design compliment each other… Would be ideal with the pop of pink 👛💗

Embroidery is another massive key trend for S/S17 and I love it! 

I spotted this beaut embroidered denim aviator in Topshop’s sale this week 🎀

I have a real weakness for aviator’s and let’s face it they are always going to come in handy on those chilly, cooler evenings which are destined to crop up in any given British Spring/Summer so they are definitely a fab, classic buy. 

Another hot Topshop Aviator…this time without the embroidery 💓

While on the subject of plain classic, I still love this option for the days you prefer a slightly more understated look

Another little Primark find which does the trick nicely & costs around £12 👍

The above is my choice for today which is another busy one 😀

I’m really excited as the first episode of my new YouTube Channel #lucyellen is just about to be released, look out for my social media posts during the week 🎬😊

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday.

Lucy Ellen ☺️ xx

Mini Bags 👛💁

After last week’s #trainerlove post I thought it would be fitting to follow on with a feature on another new found love of mine…

Mini bags 👛☺️

As long as I can remember I have been a slave to big bags; I love them and if you are anything like me they are essentially a small suitcase on the road.

As I’ve mentioned before you will always find a pair of shoes in mine, alongside an iPad, stationery, maybe even a change of clothes (in a separate carrier bag of course… I do like to think there is some sense of organisation in mine 😃) But yeah some days I guess there is pretty much everything besides the kitchen sink 😆

As great as they are on your arm for a whirlwind day of meetings, work and social gatherings it is always nice to challenge your fashion boundaries slightly.

So what better way to do that on the bag front than with these gems below… Let’s have a look at some of my favourites that the high street have to offer…

I’m loving these two beauts from Mango, both ideal for Spring 🙌
Primark yet again providing some serious eye candy with this coral mini 😍
A pop of metallic is always hard to beat, loving this number from Next ⚡️

And finally but by no means least, I adore this handful of pink from River Island 👌💋

I have to say this is very me and I am already planning around Spring outfits… *White skinnys & light denim jacket are coming to mind 💭*

Last night I embraced the mini by taking this one out for the night…

I picked this one up from Topshop’s summer sale last year and it added a touch of colour to my double denim 😘

And yes I survived just fine 😀 as for this afternoon’s duties…yes you guessed it- it is back to the big 👜 and on that note I must dash…

Lucy Ellen 😊 xx 

Trainer Love 👟😚

It’s quite ironic that I have chosen trainers as the subject for my first fashion post…I am after all the girl who used to quite literally live in high heels…

I’m not just talking about shopping, social and work occasions…I mean to the frankly ridiculous levels where I would think nothing of going for an afternoon 3 mile stroll in a pair of 4 inch heels…

My love for high heels probably began the same as most girls did…raiding my mum’s wardrobe (old habits die hard eh?)

So when was the sudden turning point for me? Well to be honest it was more of a gradual transition… Which probably began about 5 years ago when I bought my first pair of converse…

Within a few days I found myself teaming them up with skinny jeans and a blazer to go shopping and loved the new look. It wasn’t long until another pair of converse made an appearance in my wardrobe; this time a navy pair which are not only easier to keep clean but also super versatile.

The last few years have seen trainers becoming a real ‘fashion statement’ on catwalks around the globe and thanks to a varied selection on the high street they are no longer considered just for pounding the treadmill.

I’ve always loved Primark and New Look, as well as other high street stores for footwear, which is just as well considering I am now on a London shoe string budget…excuse the pun! 😜

The silver trainers below are one of my fave pairs I’ve bought to date, at 5′ the slight platform comes in handy also 😉 I found them on sale in the New Look kids section (there are perks to being a size 2.5) for around £6

Silver, sparkly and on sale…what’s not to love 🙂

Black trainers are a favourite of mine also as they are super versatile and work just as well as with a dress/skirt, opaque tights (perfect for London rush hour) as they do with a pair of black or denim skinnys. 

I love how versatile black trainers are…just like these Zara pair 🙌

I also spotted these River Island beauties when I was window shopping between meetings a couple of days ago…

River Island treating us to these beauties…not a million miles away from Balenciaga’s *swoon* 

Now don’t get me wrong I still love and wear heels…you will normally always find a pair in my bag just in case and I do always like to wear them when I am ‘out out’ but for this post it is all about the #trainerlove 👟😚

Lucy Ellen 🙂 xx

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