One year ago today I came to London for what I thought was going to be three weeks…one year on and I’m very much still here 😊

I’ve always loved everything ‘entertainment’ and I think it is safe to say that London lies at the heart of just that. 

My first experience of London was as a teenager on a family holiday and needless to say I fell in love with it instantly…I’m quite certain I won’t be the first to experience this and won’t be the last either 😉  

As clichéd as it sounds it has always been my dream to live and work in London.

Over the years I guess I was waiting for the ‘perfect time’ to take the plunge, but I’m not sure if there really is such a thing… 

So when an opportunity arose last year I made the decision that I was turning the initial visit into an indefinite stay and I am so glad I did 🙂 

I am a firm believer in fate and everything happening for a reason, and I believe that was what was behind a ‘chance’ meeting with Garret West Production Company. I was delighted when they were interested in my concept of creating an entertainment YouTube channel and our working relationship began. 

So what can you expect from the channel? I’m going to be interviewing talent within the world of music, fashion and more- I will be behind the scenes at a selection of events and expect to see some special segments also. I am very interested in meeting with underground artists and you may see some familiar faces along the way also… 

I welcome you along on the Lucy Ellen journey… 

Lucy Ellen xx